Monday, May 30, 2011

Day Two: First Test, England vs Sri Lanka

The positive feedback the other duck cricket blog generated has made me realise that whilst I'm definitely a little bit crazy and need to get out more, people seemed to enjoy it. So, despite saying I was unlikely to do this again as it was time consuming and I've got revision to do, I've decided to play catch up.

After a rain soaked day one, the Test began on time, unlike the other four days. With the umbrellas, pitch cover and coats away, here's the rubber duck re-enactment of day two of the first Test between England and Sri Lanka: 

Jimmy gets Jayawardene's edge early on...

Which is taken (in a good catch that is difficult to capture with a load of ducks) by captain Strauss behind Swann's tail feathers.

It turns out to be a not so happy birthday for Mahela Jayawardene as he trudges off back to the pavilion.

Tremlett forces Paranavitana to drag the ball onto his own stumps as he departs for a well made 50.

The England team congratulate Chris "Duckzilla" Tremlett.

The two early wickets bring Samaraweera to the crease to join the other Jayawardene. Samaraweera reaches 50...

But soon after edges the new ball to Swann at slip. England sense a way back into the game, but they've not bargained on the other Jayawardene. 

Swann takes the catch. 

The Other Jayawardene reaches 50.

But then chaos ensues at the other end as well known bowler, Jonathan Trott, comes back on...

And he manages to deflect Jaywardene's straight shot onto the stumps, with Maharoof well short of his ground...

Prompting Trott to go wild. 

Meanwhile, the duck with the boy band looks of Stuart Broad is desperately searching for his 100th Test wicket, which he's been stuck on since the Ashes Test in Adelaide... He appeals for many LBWs.

Most of which are not out/would not have been overturned had England used a review.

Broad is so desperate for a wicket that he continually forgets that it's not the ducks in the slips that give people out, but the duck at the other end in white next to the non-striker.

Broad finally realises this and turns around, only to be greeted by an unmoved umpire.

However, Broad's 100th Test wicket is not to come from an LBW. Instead, it falls to  Perara to provide Broad with his much needed relief by hitting the ball to Tremlett...

Who duly takes the catch...

Prompting many moments of ducky love. 

At the other end, however, The Other Jayawardene reaches three figures and celebrates. 

But the end is nigh for the Sri Lankan innings as Swann snares Herath...

As he hits it straight to Trott at cover.

The Other Jayawardene soon follows for a very well played 112. 

He goes for a shot that was uncharacteristic of his innings and edges Broad behind to Matt Prior.

The final wicket soon follows as Lakmal decides to take on Swann...

He hits the ball up in the air... (The shadow's meant to be an arm-shaped cloud, obviously)

And it's taken in a decent catch by Stuart Broad. 

England celebrate as the Sri Lankan batsmen prepare for their time in the field. Sri Lanka are 400 all out.

Strauss and Cook open the batting. Here Strauss takes advantage of a short and wide ball from Dilshan and plays the square cut...

...Which goes to the boundary for four.

Cook decides to hit a boundary too, picking up a short ball and pulling it to the boundary for another four.

Strauss, however, soon gets a good ball from Lakmal and all he can do is edge it to  The Birthday Boy (© Christopher Martin Jenkins) of Mahela Jayawardene.

Who duly takes the catch. 

Strauss departs for 20 and England are 46-1. (And yeah, I guess the keyring ring can represent his bald spot...)

It brings to the crease England's wounded duck, James Anderson, who has a side strain to his wing. 

Anderson survives the day, along with Cook who is 24 not out, and England finish on 47-1.
Sorry it's late, but you can't really take a box full of ducks on a train with you. Will try and post the other days later this week, for now though, that was day two. 

(What a result though, eh?)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day One: First Test, England vs Sri Lanka

The following is a representation of the first day of play between England and Sri Lanka in Cardiff. It's what happens when a student has far too much time on her hands and a vast collection of ducks:
Umpire Billy Ducktrove inspects the covered pitch on a rainy day in Cardiff

Billy Ducktrove chats to Glamorgan's head groundsman
The England team line up. I'll leave you to guess which one's Chris Tremlett.
First ball of the match. Yes, that is a Captain Conk red nose from Red Nose Day. I have nothing else.
Dilshan hits a four off Broad's disappointing first over
Dilshan's 50.

Dilshan chops a Graeme Swann delivery onto his stumps.

The England team celebrate the vital breakthrough
Sangakkara edges it through to Prior... Or does he?

England appeal, Aleem Dallard says not out...

Prompting England to review the decision...

HotSpot seems inconclusive, but the decision is overturned and Sangakkara is on his way back to the pond pavilion. 

Paranavitana cuts one off Tremlett. This might never have happened, I just wanted to use him.

Paranavitana reaches his 50 on a rain affected day.
And then came the close of play. Not really sure how to represent that.

Anyway, I didn't get all of it and the chances are that I'm unlikely to do this again because it was pretty time consuming. And y
es, I'm well aware that I should probably get out a lot more...